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Anne Prado, jewelry designer
Gold rings designed and created by Anne Prado


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Anne Prado, designer-creator of white and yellow gold rings, bracelets and necklaces incorporating diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and many other precious gems  

La MovidaLa Movida ring was born in December 2004. It is a new and daring creation that forecasts a change in Anne Prado's creative talent.

Trilogy ring in white gold ring with diamonds Australe gold ring by Anne Prado De Beers Trilogy white gold ring with diamonds

Les Chemins de la rencontre
This is a brand new creation by Anne Prado in the Trilogy series.

"Australe" - a unique piece
presented at the Basel international
trade fair

Trilogy - This ring was selected by
de Beers for its creativity
in their Trilogy catalogue.

Gold ring by Anne Prado - Shimmering water of the Arabian nights
Gold ring - Reliefs et plan d'eau Ring Pont du Bonheur
Shimmering water
of the Arabian nights
Reliefs et plan d'eau Le Pont du bonheur
Gold ring - Cascade, sun and river Ring: Three waves Gold ring -  Sun, river and mystery
Cascade, sun and river Les Trois vagues Sun, river and mystery
Gold ring -  The play of sun and water Ring: Blue wave Gold ring -  Naissinse
Play of sun and water Blue wave Naissince
    Le Pont sur la Riviere  
    Le pont sur la rivière  

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